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How To Use a Breast Pump (Video)


If you're planning to use a breast pump, you'll need to know how to use it! Check out these helpful tips.

Expressing breast milk, or squeezing milk out of your breasts, is very useful for new moms. It means a partner or friend can help out with feedings, and you can have a well-earned rest when you need it.  It also means that if you go back to work you can still breastfeed your baby.

Many moms use a pump to express milk, and using one for the first time can be somewhat daunting. You’ll quickly get used to it, though.

There are different types of pumps available, you’ll need to choose between a manual or electric pump.

With a manual pump, you place the suction cup over the breast and squeeze the handle. As you pump, you’ll stimulate the milk flow. Manual pumps are fairly cheap and nice and quiet, but it can take a little while to fill a bottle up. 

An electric pump, on the other hand, can be expensive to buy or rent, but you won’t need to use your hand to pump – the machine will simply do it for you. These pumps can either be single where you express one breast at a time or double where both will be expressed at the same time.

Whichever type of pump you choose, you may need to stimulate the ‘let down’ reflex before you start. This is what causes your milk to flow. To do this, massage your breast with a soft, warm cloth, or spend some time cuddling or thinking about your baby.

Just make sure you store the milk in a sterile container with a lid in the fridge or freezer when you’ve finished.

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