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How to Trim a Baby's Nails (Video)


One thing that puts fear into the hearts of new parents is clipping or filing those tiny new baby nails. Learn how to trim baby's nails safely (and calmly!) here.


You might be surprised by how quickly your newborn baby’s nails grow in the early weeks. They can get long really quickly, and need to be kept short and neat so your baby doesn’t scratch himself with flailing arms and hands. 

You might need to trim fingernails a few times a week at first – toes will need cutting less often. Some moms prefer to start off with an emery board, rather than a clipper. If you choose to cut their nails rather than file them, use baby scissors, which have rounded edges for safety, or a special baby clipper.

Make sure you’ve got plenty of light and try to sit down after a bath when your infant’s nails are softer, or when they’re asleep. It can help to have a friend or partner with you…that way, they can hold your baby, while you hold the palm and finger steady with one hand, and cut with the other.

Tiny fingernails should be cut along their natural curve, while toes should be cut straight across. Because babies’ hands and feet are so tiny, sometimes you can accidentally nick your little one.  If this happens, gently wrap a tissue around the cut, and apply a little pressure. Don’t be tempted to put a bandage on it – it’s likely your baby will chew it, which could cause choking.

And finally, don’t be too hard on yourself – it happens to parents all the time. 

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