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How to Give Your Baby a Sponge Bath (Video)


New parents sometimes feel apprehensive about bathing their tiny new babies. Have no fear, just follow these tips to make bath time a breeze.

With a newborn, you’ll want to start by giving baby a sponge bath before moving on to bathing in a full bath. This means just washing the face, head and diaper area. Pick a warm room with a flat surface – the changing table in the nursery is ideal – and place a thick towel on a changing mat, next to a bowl of warm water. 

Be sure to test the temperature of the water with the inside of your wrist or a baby thermometer first. It should be comfortable and warm, but not hot – ideally between 96 and 100 degrees. Leaving the diaper on, wrap baby in a towel and lay her down on the mat, before wetting a soft cotton washcloth.

Gently wipe each eye from the inside out, using a different part of the washcloth for each eye. Now it’s time to wash the baby’s head and hands, remembering to clean the creases under the baby’s neck. Hold baby next to the water, and gently pour some water over her scalp.

Slowly pat baby dry – don’t rub.

Lay baby flat again, and take off the diaper. Clean the diaper area, making sure – if you have a baby girl -to wipe front to back to avoid infection. Use a new washcloth for each wipe. Pat baby dry with a clean towel.

Finally, put on a fresh diaper and clothes.

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