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Baby Development at 3 Months (Video)


By your baby's third month, you may feel like you're finally getting the hang of it. And yet, there are plenty of new things to experience with your little one. Here's what to expect from your baby during month three.


By month three, your newborn is now considered an infant. He or she should be moving around more with legs and arms. Here is where you'll get to see your little one's personality. He or she might be happy, grumpy, determined, excited, silly, etc. Now's the time to get to know your infant. 

Now is the time to start teaching your baby. Sing and talk to them so her or she can experience all different kinds of sounds. Try to insert your little one's name into a story so that her or she gets used to hearing it. 

Month three can bring a lot of new experiences for babies and parents alike.