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Baby Development at 12 Months (Video)


Your little is one year old! Your baby has grown a lot in the last twelve months. Here's what to expect at the one-year mark. 

By now your baby probably has figured out how to pick things up and put them back down. Encourage him or her to strengthen this skill by providing pots, pans or containers he or she can play with. It might be a little noisy, but it will keep him or her entertained. 

Now that your little one is getting older, he or she might start resisting naps. If you don't already, it's a good idea to start a routine before you lay him or her down to sleep - these routines often include taking baths or reading stories. That way, your baby will get accustomed to the process and won't fight it as much. Whatever you do, make sure it relaxes your little one.