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Baby Development at 11 Months (Video)


Month eleven is right before your son or daughter turns 1, so he or she is sure to be growing in leaps and bounds! Here are some things to expect to see during this month:

Although babies learn to walk at different times, the chances of your little one taking his or her first step during this month is high. Be sure to encourage your baby to walk by allowing him or her to put support on your hands as you slowly take steps together. That way, he or she can build up the strength to keep going alone.

Now is the time to add some variety to your little one's diet. Integrate fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and dairy into each meal. Don't give up if he or she is picky. Sometimes babies need to be exposed to a food eight to 12 times before they finally eat it. Persistence is key for your little one to get all the vitamins and nutrients necessary.