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Baby Development at 1 Month (Video)


As a parent, you may be experiencing new things everyday with your newborn. Here are some things to expect with your baby's development in the first month.


Sometimes babies lose weight during the first week of life. By the second week, your little one should be gaining weight quickly. Your doctor will be make sure at each appointment that your newborn is gaining the appropriate amount of weight each week.

During the first month you may notice that your baby is growing stronger. His or her grip may be tighter, as well as some innate reflexes like sucking. In addition, you may notice that your little one's legs and arms have more movement. Your baby might not have the support to hold his or her head up but may be able to turn it side to side. Be sure to give your newborn's neck support while holding.

Your baby's first month will definitely be a special one. Be sure to consult a physician for any specific questions.