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Great Ideas for Baby’s First Birthday

Throw a Birthday Party Worthy of this Major Milestone


While every birthday party is a significant event in the life of your little one, there’s something extra special about celebrating a baby’s first birthday. Not only is a baby’s first birthday a major milestone, it’s also the perfect opportunity to get together with everyone special in your child’s life to celebrate. If you’re looking for a meaningful way to commemorate a baby’s first birthday, read on. We have lots of tips and baby’s first birthday ideas to ensure that you throw a party that’s truly worthy of this very important day.

baby celebrating their first birthday

Planning a First Birthday Party: Big and Elaborate...Or Small and Low-Key?

The first thing that parents need to determine when planning a first birthday party is how big or small they’d like the event to be. Fortunately, there’s no wrong answer here; parents can opt for whatever party size feels right. Best of all, whether you plan for a grand-scale bash or intimate at-home gathering, the guest of honor is still too young to be disappointed. Instead, she’ll probably quickly catch on that something exciting is happening and enjoy the fact that she has a roomful (or more) of attentive guests who are thrilled to play and engage with her throughout her big day.

Organization Can Help Make a First Birthday Party a Rousing Success

If you do opt for a larger party to celebrate a baby’s first birthday, getting (and staying) organized can play a major role in the day’s overall success. Following a few simple tips can help keep you on track to enjoy the day without a hitch. Consider:

Location: Where you’ll have the party will dictate the vibe of the event. Potential options can include your home or backyard, a soft play facility, a park or even a public garden. No matter where the venue, including kid-friendly amenities such as bubble machines can help instantly up the fun factor.

Theme: Even though your child is only one, she probably already has a few favorite TV or book characters or even colors or patterns that she prefers. Incorporating these favored items as part of a theme in the decorations and tableware can keep her thoroughly entertained throughout the entire birthday party.

Helping Guests with Gift Ideas: No one knows your child better than you. Having some gift suggestions at the ready can help your guests find the perfect item to thrill the birthday child. Side benefit -- helping with gift suggestions means that you can minimize doubling up on items you already have at home. Some fun items for children at this age include:

  • Stacking objects
  • Push-along wagons, carts, and toys
  • Toy phones, computers, and keys
  • Wooden puzzles
  • Bath toys
  • Age-appropriate musical CDs

Other Things to Consider for Optimal Birthday Party Success

Beyond venue, theme, and present ideas, there are a wide range of other details to consider for birthday party success including:

  • Invitations
  • Food and drink
  • Birthday cake
  • Charged camera

Finally, the most important ingredient to a successful baby’s first birthday party? A well-rested birthday baby! Always try to keep your child to his normal daily routine (including nap time) before the celebration so he’s ready to stay excited about everything you have planned for him.

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