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Toddler Health

When toddlers begin to walk, run and climb, their safety and health is always on their parents' minds. While you might be well-versed in the subject of babyproofing your home and keeping an infant healthy, toddlers on the go are prone to some new bumps and bruises.

Once your baby takes his or her first steps, it's time to review your childproofing efforts to make sure they're suitable for a little one on the move.

Babies never seem to stop growing, which means their wardrobe is always in flux. The next time you're picking out a new outfit, you may want to consider some new footwear. If your little one is on the move, it's probably time to pick out their first pair of shoes.

If you're constantly coming up with questions about taking care of your child, you're not alone. Every parent wants to know the best way to take care of their child. A trip the pediatrician is a good way to get your many questions answered.

Keeping your child healthy now and in the future begins with some education. Start by teaching your toddler early about hygiene and germs. This is the foundation for good health later on in life.

Your little baby is growing up so fast and is now a toddler! Baby development and growth after a first birthday can often feel like it's progressing at lightning speed. Mom365 is here to help you through the toddler years too.

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