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Top 10 Outdoor Toys for Toddlers


With summer in full bloom, you and your kids will most likely be spending a lot more time outdoors. To help you out and keep your little ones entertained these warmer months, we have compiled our top 10 outdoor toys.

  1. Water, Water, But Not Everywhere
  2. American Plastic Toys Sand and Water Wheel Play Table

    Mini humans are wired to love water play. We’re keen on the colorful American Plastic Toys Sand and Water Wheel Play Table. It has moving parts, sailboats, wheels, a funnel, and a sand pit. Easily assembled and cleaned, and primed to be a hit on your patio or balcony.

    Available at Amazon

  3. Open a Snack Bar At the Beach
  4. Sunny Patch Sand Ice Cream, Cupcake, & Baking Sets

    Pretend baking and sundae-making are favorite beach activities for kids, from tots to elementary schoolers. Although we admire the creative ways our children use old-fashioned beach toys, these specialized sand toys are icing on the cake (or fudge on the sundae). Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Sand Ice CreamCupcake, & Baking Sets (pictured).

    Available at Amazon

  5. Graffiti That Won't Lead To a Time-Out
  6. Crayola 16 Count Sidewalk Chalk

    There’s a reason sidewalk chalk is a classic for kids of all ages. Your kids can make hopscotch boards, checkerboards, smiley faces, or practice letters. They can write sidewalk ads for the block rummage sale. No need to stress about the mess because the rain will wash it away, clearing space for the next masterpiece. Stash a few pieces in your bag to have on hand anytime you have a bored kiddo in the great outdoors. Consider this new twist pictured here – sidewalk “crayons” with more intense colors.

    Available at Amazon

  7. T-Ball To Go
  8. toddler t-ball set

    Make your yard or block the hit of the neighborhood with this lightweight, ridiculously easy-to-assemble T-ball set. It includes two over-sized balls that are ideal for beginners. The height is adjustable and the set is designed to hang on your storage room wall.

    Available at Amazon

  9. Heavy Duty Digger
  10. a kid shovel

    If your kids have ever broken the handles off their shovels or been dissatisfied with their digging power, they’ll love the Spielstabil beach shovel. It’s super sturdy and will help your kiddo build that massive tunnel in record time. And the handle is long enough for the grown-ups to pitch in on construction.

    Available at Amazon

  11. Pump And Toss, But Leave the Garden Hose Alone
  12. Balloon Pumping Station

    Although the Pumponator Water Balloon Pumping Station appears at first blush to be a bit gimmicky, you might think again when you consider the alternative. This toy gives kids the autonomy to pump-and-go without wasting gallons of water and making a wet mess with the garden hose or dominating the playground water fountain. The new model has a tying tool so you don’t have to forfeit your lounge chair every time a new balloon is filled. (Disclaimer: this doesn’t guarantee that you’ll stay dry, sane or that you won’t be apologizing to the neighbors.)

    Available at Amazon

  13. Get An Edge Over Sandcastle Competitors
  14. Sand Brick Maker & Trowel Set

    Take sand building to a whole new level. We totally dig it when the kids get creative with their old-fashioned sand tools. But we can’t resist the Sand Brick Maker & Trowel Set from Melissa & Doug, especially at this price point. Fill the mold, level with the trowel and voila! Caution: the kids may fight over this cool gadget, so you might consider buying more than one. Sand Brick Maker & Trowel Set.

    Available at Amazon

  15. Cruise In Style
  16. kid pull cart

    Is your little buddy tired of walking? A spin around the block in these hot wheels will make her smile. This super sturdy ride has room for two kids, cargo, and drinks. The canopy keeps the kiddos cooler and gives the grownups a little break from worrying about the sun. But here’s the real hidden bonus – when it’s time to phase out the stroller but your tyke isn’t quite ready to go the distance, just tug and go and mitigate the tantrum.

    Available at Amazon

  17. Turn Your Kid Into a Fishy
  18. Poolmaster Swimming Pool Soft Animal Diving Rings

    Nothing builds a new swimmer’s confidence more than the ability to retrieve a dive toy. Even if she’s not ready to go underwater, she’ll love fetching these in the kiddie pool. After she masters basic retrieval skills, watch the competition begin!

    Available at Amazon

  19. There's a Reason These Are Classics!
  20. Hape Sand Toys 5-in-1 Beach Set Toys

    Plain old dollar- store sand toys -- pails, shovels, molds, watering cans, etc. -- are guaranteed to provide endless hours of bliss in the sand. There’s a good chance you’ll return home minus a piece that you came with and plus a piece from another family. But that’s cool because every piece has a story to tell. Sold pretty much anywhere, CHEAP!

    Check this one out

3 10 Must-Have Summer Toys for Toddlers

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