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10 Must Have Summer Toys for Toddlers


It's summertime! This means you and your little person will be spending lots of time outside. We’ve got inspiration for the toys your toddler will have hours and hours of fun enjoying. They're mom-friendly too--read: No drum sets or anything that beeps!

1. Step 2 Water Table

Step2 Sun Shower Water Table

The best cure for summer overheating is having fun with water. This water table by Step 2 has detachable legs for easy portability, and an included water wheel for extra entertainment. Sneak in some education and experiment with aluminum foil and coins or rocks to see which shapes float or sink.

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2. A Kite 

Best Delta Kite, Easy Fly for Kids and Beginners, Single Line w/Tail Ribbons

Every toddler loves a kite. If you’re heading to the beach or you’ve noticed it’s a windy day, make sure you bring a kite along. It’s easy to find cute plastic kites for under $5 at discount or drug stores. Keep a cheap one in your trunk to pull out to spontaneously catch the wind, or invest in a nicer fabric kite for special family outings.

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3. A Sprinkler

Epoch Air Sprinkler Pad & Splash Play Mat

There's nothing more fun in hot weather than jumping through a sprinkler. Pools are fantastic, but they take up a lot of space—sprinklers are perfect even if you live in an apartment. As long as you have access to a hose, you can take your sprinkler anywhere. Don’t be shy, mom, kick off your shoes and take a couple of runs through, too.

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4. A Pool Noodle

A Pool Noodle

Pool noodles are inexpensive and add extra fun to your toddler’s pool time. Whether your tot rides it like a pony, uses it as a lounger, or tucks it under her arms, floating is easy with these versatile toys. Check your local toy or big box store for the latest version of the noodle with an attached animal head, or go traditional with a long, colorful tube.

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5. Melissa & Doug Backyard Explorer Costume

Doug Backyard Explorer Costume

Pretend play is an important part of toddlerhood, so dress your tot up and go on a backyard safari. Look for bugs, flowers, worms, and plants. You can help your toddler keep a journal on what he’s found, or just enjoy being outside and checking out what’s there.

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6. Play Tent

Children Play Tent for Camping Indoors

You can find play tents in character themes, bright colors, or even designs like castles or carnival tents. Whatever style you choose, a play tent is a great addition to your toddler’s summer. Imaginations can run wild inside or out, and your little one can have a secret area to explore a make-believe world.

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7. Melissa and Doug Sunny Patch Snappy Turtle Mower

Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Snappy Turtle Mower

Let your toddler help out with yard work with her very own Sunny Patch Snappy Turtle Mower. All little kids want to be just like their parents, but the real thing is too dangerous. Plus, it provides them with good old healthy outdoor exercise!

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8. Bubbles

bubble mixture

Bubbles are one of the cheapest and easiest summer toys to find. This Gazillion Incredibubble Wand lets you make hundreds of bubbles with one wave of the wand!

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9. Sand Toys

a range of sand toys

Whether you’re in the sandbox or at the beach, an assortment of sand toys are a toddler necessity. Shovels, rakes, pails, sieves, and shapers will all help your little one dig to China, build a castle, or bury your legs.

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10. Sidewalk Chalk

Regal Games Chalk City - 20 Piece Jumbo Washable Sidewalk Chalk

Let your budding Picasso express herself outside. Too many parents of toddlers need to hide the crayons to prevent the latest masterpiece from going on the walls, so let your little one’s artistic nature shine through with sidewalk chalk instead. Chalk easily washes away with water, so be sure to take plenty of pictures of your kiddo’s best pieces.

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