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Top 10 Halloween Costumes for Kids Under 5


There are tons of costume options out there for your little one, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to find the “perfect one.” Whether you want to go traditional, homemade, or trendy, there is something out there for every tot looking for a treat. Here are our picks for the best Halloween costume ideas for toddler and preschool boys and girls for Halloween.

1. Classic Superheroes

Classic Superheroes<

Whether it’s Batman, Robin, or Superman, superheroes are super hot this year. If your little guy is looking for Batman, be careful, because you could go the Dark Knight or Brave and Bold route. Decisions, decisions! The Dark Knight is, well, pretty dark… all black with a gold belt, while the Brave and Bold version has more color and muscle. We’ve always been partial to Robin, and his costume is pretty simple. Green and red jumpsuit with a cap and mask. We guess that’s what happens when you’re the sidekick!

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2. Lalaoopsy


If you have a preschool girl, chances are you have a Lalaoopsy doll lying around your house. Whether it’s Crumbs Sugar Cookie or one of her friends, these rag dolls are “sew magical” and “sew cute” this Halloween season. Just a heads up here…these costumes come with a lot of accessories, from wigs to socks to shoes.

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3. Kid-Designed Costumes

Kid-Designed Costumes

Kids love preparing for Halloween, so let them prepare their own costumes with this innovative product from Eggnog, a company that designs dozens of color-in products for kids. Young kids can color in their own pumpkin mask, fairy wings, princess outfit, pirate hat, and more. It’s a creative way to get kids invested in the holiday and keep them busy at home—all while spending a fraction of what a typical store-bought costume costs.

At, from $4.99 to $9.99.

4. Jake and the Neverland Pirates

Jake and the Neverland Pirates

The title character from the popular Disney preschool show is fun and easy to pull off, whether you buy the store version or pull the pieces together yourself. As the leader, Jake comes equipped with a jumpsuit, red bandana and boot covers. Jake’s female sidekick Izzy is also a great option for little girls ready to find treasure. She carries fairy dust in the yellow pouch around her neck just in case an emergency comes up.

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5. Betsy Ross

Betsy Ross

Wal-mart and other Halloween costume vendors came under attack this season for selling too-sexy costumes for preschool girls. To avoid dressing your daughter in age-inappropriate (for teenagers, let alone preschoolers!) getups, there’s no better era to mine for costume ideas than Colonial America. This costume depicting our favorite founding female keeps young girls modest while still pouring on the cute.

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6. Ninja Avenger

Ninja Avenger

This is one of the hottest costumes out there for boys this year. Red, blue, green, black, whichever you choose, this costume will cover your child from head to toe. This is a great choice if you’re worried about the weather. Your kid can’t be bothered by chilly breezes in this outfit!

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7. Doc McStuffins

Doc McStuffins

The doctor is definitely in this Halloween. Doc McStuffins, from the hit Disney show, can fix just about any toy with the help from her stuffed animal friends. This costume comes with a dress, coat, leggings, headband, and stethoscope, and will delight any young fan of the show.

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8. Fearsome Shark

Fearsome Shark

This sharp-toothed fish has swum its way into popular consciousness. There’s no denying that sharks are cool, even when it’s not “Shark Week!” You can buy this costume, or try to make it yourself, though for this one you may want to make sure you have a pattern and a sewing machine.

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9. Princess Leia

Princess Leia

Move over Disney princesses! Your little girl may be dying to dress up like Cinderella, but we think this Princess Leia costume is where it’s at. Star Wars is classic, and young girls will love it as much as little boys do. This Princess Leia costume comes with the white dress, belt, and little headpiece buns. If you choose to make this, it would help if you could find an extra-large white shawl, sew it up a bit and grab a belt. You would need either white sneakers or shoes. If your daughter’s hair is long enough, you can put it on two buns. If not, you can use all types of things, such as brown wool rolled up, to make the headpiece.

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10. Dusty Crophopper

Dusty Crophopper

Our favorite kids’ movie of 2013 was “Planes,” the aerial version of the beloved “Cars.” If your kid was also a fan, he or she will adore this cute Dusty Crophopper costume, designed to represent the leading plane in the movie, though without wings.

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