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10 Fantastic Outdoor Toys for Toddlers


Toddlers and summer are a seriously fun combination. The newly mobile little ones love to get outside and explore, and most welcome any opportunity to climb, get dirty, and splash in some water, especially on a hot day. Make the most of your little explorer’s excitement for the season with these 10 fantastic outdoor toys for toddlers.

1. Little Tikes Spiralin’ Seas Waterpark Play Table

Little Tikes Spiralin' Seas Waterpark Play Table

If your toddler enjoys water play, he’ll love this play table, a best-seller on Amazon. It comes with five plastic character squirter balls – always a hit with little ones – that they can send down the spiral and into the lazy river, or try to catch them in the Ferris Wheel. The table also comes with a cup to scoop water into the twin water-wheels, powering them up. And then there’s the thrill of just splashing in the water!

$55 at

2. Step2 Naturally Playful Lookout Treehouse
Step2 Naturally Playful Lookout Treehouse

This little plastic treehouse isn’t much, really – a short slide, a few steps to climb, a couple of windows to look out of. But for a new walker and increasingly independent toddler, this play structure is everything. He’ll loving having his own little house, and one that allows climbing to boot; yep, that’s sure to be a happy kiddo.

$160 at

3. EverEarth Active E Lite Beach Blanket Pool

EverEarth Active E Lite Beach Blanket Pool

You know those times you’re at the beach and it’s hot, but the waves are too rough for you to safely take your toddler into the water? This reversible beach blanket pool is the solution. Use it as a beach blanket, or flip it over and make it a kiddie pool. To fill it up, use its travel bag as a canister (and hopefully you have a few big sand buckets on hand as well). Kind of bizarre? Yes. Kind of brilliant? If the reviews are to be believed, it’s a winner!

$39.99 at

4. Intex Dinosaur Play Center

Intex 57444EP Dinosaur Play Center

You could get your kiddo one of those boring plastic round swimming pools. Or you could spend a little more on this one and throw a serious pool party. Featuring a slide, waterfall, sprayer, and enough space to comfortably fit several children, the "play center" will keep your little and a couple of his friends cool and happy this summer.

$45 at

5. Maikehigh Play Tunnel and Tent

Indoor Outdoor Play Tunnel and Tent Play Tent Cubby-Tube-Teepee Indoor Pop up Tent

Is it a tunnel, is it a tent, is it a ball pit… it’s all of the above! For use inside or out, this play structure has the potential to be a triple threat when it comes to toddler entertainment. One downside: the balls are sold separately.

$29 at

6. Green Toys Wagon

green toys wagon

Perfect for toddlers who like to cart things with them everywhere they go, the Green Toys wagon is just the right size for hauling a bunch of stuffies or whatever toys your little is feeling very attached to today. Like all Green Toys, it’s made of recycled plastic and is designed for indoor and outdoor use.

$25 at

7. Hape Scoot Around Wooden Balance Bike

Hape Scoot Around Wooden Balance Bike

Toddlers love a good ride-on toy, and this wooden one from Hape is both attractive and solidly constructed for a little’s adventures. Four wheels make this a safe and stable choice for a child’s first ride.

$80 at

8. Little Tikes Gas ‘N Go Mower

Little Tikes Gas ‘N Go Mower

Pre-kids, we used to wonder about toys that emulated chores, but now we get it: kids love to act like mom and dad. And with this fun mower, who can blame them? It has a pull cord that activates engine sounds, a removable gas can and cap, and beads that make popping sounds when kids push the mower. Ahh, the joys of yardwork.

$15 at

9. Little Tikes Easy Store Junior Picnic Table with Umbrella

Little Tikes Easy Store Junior Picnic Table with Umbrella

How cute are tiny tables for toddlers? We love this one from Little Tikes. With an umbrella for shade and seating for four toddlers, it’s perfect for picnics both real and pretend. And it folds down flat for easy storage.

$63 at

10. Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Pretty Petals Flower Sprinkler 

Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Pretty Petals Flower Sprinkler Toy

Sometimes a simple sprinkler is all you need for summer fun. This one looks cute while squirting water out of its 16 flowers. The sprinkler doesn’t rotate and the water doesn’t blast out very high or fast, so it’s a good choice for little ones.

$20 at

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