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Toddler Gear


Moms and dads quickly become use to carrying diaper bags filled with everything their newborn may need throughout the day. While children won't require as much gear when they're older, the toddler stage is an exception to this trend.

Since these little ones are learning to potty train, adults have to be ready with certain supplies should an incident occur while the family is on the go. Although these materials are must-haves, there are other options that are more fun for everyone involved.

Buying toys for little ones is fun for friends and family members, but moms and dads will be the ones lugging them around. Moms and dads should let their peers know what kinds of items they want for their children. Educational resources, for example, offer instruction in an exciting way - which can make carrying them around more important.

There's more to a toddler's development than just toys, however. As children get older, they will grow out of their clothes. Purchasing new shirts and pants at every stage can become a costly expense, so parents have to find ways to save. Asking for hand-me-downs from close friends and family is a good place to start as is browsing a children's resale shop.

The holidays are a fun time to play dress up with toddlers. A Halloween costume a child wears one year probably won't fit the next year. If little ones have older siblings, dress up materials can be recycled. If not, moms and dads may find themselves being as crafty as possible to pull together a complete effort at half the cost.


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Your little baby is growing up so fast and is now a toddler! Baby development and growth after a first birthday can often feel like it's progressing at lightning speed. Mom365 is here to help you through the toddler years too.

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