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The Potty Training Readiness Checklist


Teaching your children to stop using diapers is not an overnight job. Potty training is a learning process that involves some mistakes, trial and error. As a parent, it's your job to be prepared for messes and to reassure your child that it's OK! When you start potty training, make sure you have these items at hand:

Extra diapers

While you may have decided your child is ready to use the big kid toilet, that doesn't mean you should toss all his or her diapers. In fact, it can take months for a little one to become completely potty trained. You'll need diapers during this time. When you first start, your child should wear a diaper at night because he or she won't wake up to use the restroom. After a few months of practice during the daytime while wearing diapers, the child may begin wearing regular underwear during the day. Keep diapers on hand wherever you go, though, as accidents happen and you want to be prepared. 

Extra clothes

When your kids start leaving diapers behind in favor of trying out big kids underwear, it's a good idea to have extra clothes on hand. Accidents can get messy, soiling underwear, pants and even socks, so have these items with your child wherever he or she goes. Pack them for preschool, daycare or the babysitter's. Add another shirt for good measure - you never know when your kids may have an accident napping, causing a serious blowout.

potty training, potty, toilet, toileting, parentingBring along your child's trainer potty to encourage routine.

Portable potty

A big part of potty training is routine. When at home, you likely have a training potty that they can use when practicing going to the bathroom. When you are out at a play date or the kids are at preschool, they'll need to have a portable potty there too. Consider purchasing two of the same version, whether you slide the little seat over the real toilet or it's a separate entity entirely.

If you're headed out for a big day and don't want to worry about your kid not making it to the bathroom, have him or her wear a diaper. You can still practice using the big kid potty while at the zoo or a special occasion, but wearing a diaper provides backup so you can enjoy yourselves instead of worrying about accidents all day.


Cleanup is a major part of potty training - especially in the beginning. You never know when you'll need to give your child an impromptu "shower" while on the go or in a hurry. Always carry wet wipes so you can take care of any mess, leaving your child fresh for a change of clothes or a clean diaper.


You have to have patience in order to get through potty training. Not all kids learn this skill at the same time, so it's important to reward the little victories and go at your child's pace. You're on the way to no more diapers, so keep your head up and encourage your kiddo to do the same!

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