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The Potty Training Buying Guide


Every child is different when it comes to potty training. Some children fly by this stage, and before you know it they're going to the bathroom on their own. For others, the process it isn't so simple. Luckily, there are plenty of tools and gear that can make everything easier. Here are some of the essential potty-training gear for you and your family:

"Buy a small potty for your little one to train on."

Learning to go to the bathroom alone can be incredibly overwhelming for a little one. The toilet can look giant to a toddler, and as a result, the intimidation factor could deter him or her from hopping up. That's where potty chairs come in. These are smaller toilets perfect for little learners - your child will be able to balance on top of the seat. With the height being close the the ground, your little one will gain the confidence to

Lil' Jumbl Fun Potty Toddler Toilet Training Chair

Lil' Jumbl Fun Potty Toilet Training Chair

These kid-size potties are also less scary looking. Most little toilets come in various colors, shades and cartoon characters. Take your toddler to the store to pick out one he or she likes best. Getting your child involved with the entire process will work as encouragement, and excite him or her to get started. The size of this potty doesn't only benefit your little one, though; it helps everyone in the family. These toilets are small so they're easy to move around the house if need be.

Seat reducer

Potty Training Seat for Kids, Toddlers & Infants

Once your toddler has mastered the potty chair, it's time to move onto the big-kid toilet. A seat reducer sits on top of a regular-sized toilet but decreases the size to for your your little one's behind. Most of these are also colorful and cushioned, making it easy for your child to hop on board. This seat is easy to put on a toilet, so it doesn't mess with everyone else in your house's normal routine. Plus, it's tiny and can be easily stored.

Potty-training books

Once Upon a Potty Book Cover

Once Upon a Potty by Alona Frankel

Usually, teaching your little one to go to the bathroom alone coincides with when he or she is learning to read. You may have plenty of books stacked in your child's room, but now is the time to add some more to the mix: potty-training books. These books can help inspire your toddler to want to learn to go to the bathroom alone. Here are some of the best-selling novels to add to your little one's library:  

Although these bathroom-based books are helpful, don't forget about storybooks with other topics. Make sure to stock the bathroom with all kinds of publications so there is one within arm's length of your toddler.

Kid's hand soap

Hand-washing is a vital step in the potty training process. You're going to want to make sure to show your kid how to practice good hygiene. Have your little one accompany you to the store to pick out a hand soap that will encourage hand-washing. That could be foaming soap, liquid soap, a soap that smells like fruit or one with a cartoon character on the bottle. The more you include your toddler in the process, the more excited he or she will be to get started.

Flushable wipes

Let's face it, your little one isn't going to master going to the bathroom alone the first time around. In fact, it may take months before he or she builds up the confidence. Toilet paper can be a little rough on his or her behind, especially since you've probably used wipes since birth. Instead of transitioning straight to bath tissue, be sure to have some baby wipes accessible. These are softer and better for your toddler. However, be sure to check on the back of the label for wipes to see if they're compatible with your plumbing. You might want to toss them in the garbage to prevent plumbing fixture blockage.


Let's face it, it just so happens that most children respond best to the reward system. If you want to get your little one inspired for potty training, then pick up a few little treats to commend him or her for the progress that's being made. For example, you can buy some stickers to place on a board when he or she successfully goes to the bathroom alone. On the other hand, you can treat your toddler to an end-of-the-week-snack if he or she made it through without any accidents. Be sure to set some attainable goals for your child, but be patient, because there is no specific potty-training timeline.

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