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5 Tips for Potty Training On The Go


When it comes time for your child to potty train, the education doesn't stop just because you're on the move. Instead, moms and dads need some helpful tips and tricks to continue teaching kiddos the basics while they're on the go. Here are five pieces of advice parents can use:

1. Schedule bathroom breaks

Potty training is not an easy process, but it can be a lot simpler if families plan ahead. This means bringing diapers along - just in case - and scheduling frequent bathroom breaks to avoid accidents.. Setting an alarm for every 30 minutes will save parents from getting too distracted. This timer can be used as a method for checking in or to run to the little boys' or girls' room.

a dad walking in the forest with his toddler son strapped to his back

2. Treat travel like bedtime

Family vacations can be a cause for concern for potty-training parents. Planes, trains and automobiles do not make the easiest places to help kids learn to use the bathroom on their own. Alpha Mom, however, suggested treating travel like naptime or bedtime and using a diaper during these excursions. Once parents and their toddlers arrive to their final destination, they should feel free to go back to their regular bathroom regimen.

"Encourage children to sing to quell their fears of public restrooms."

3. Make it fun

Using a public restroom can be scary for small children, especially those with toilets that automatically flush. They may not be able to understand that the toilet won't suck them down with the water! To ease kids' fears, parents should employ various strategies, including singing, holding toddlers' hands during the process and offering a small reward for a job well done. All of these tactics will keep youngsters happy and focused.

4. Practice flexibility

Potty training can be just as frightening for children as it is tiresome for adults. The best way to handle the process is to remain flexible. If one method isn't working, change it up! Every child is different and reacts in his or her own way to potty training. After a while you'll learn the best strategies for your child and be able to utilize them when necessary. 

5. Prepare for accidents

Despite all of parents' best wishes and attempts to avoid them, emergencies occur and accidents do happen. That's why it's called potty training, right? Families should prepare for these situations by having an extra change of clothes, bringing a portable toilet seat and packing additional diapers. If you have to use these items, make sure to not make a big deal out of it. Encourage your little ones to continue trying and they'll get the hang of potty training soon enough!

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