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Kids Playdate Snack Ideas


There is a lot to plan ahead for when it comes to playdates, but snacks are definitely at the top of the list. Even on lazy days, toddlers are known to get quite cranky without a snack. On a playdate with nonstop energy, your little guests will no doubt be hungry and ready for some nourishment.

Before you begin planning your playdate snack, you'll need to contact your guests' parents first to get info about any potential food sensitivities or allergies. Once you know it's safe to go shopping, let the playdate snack preparation begin.

"Healthy snacks are definitely the best option for toddlers."

Healthy snacks are definitely the best option for toddlers. We all know what a sugar rush can do to little bodies, and anything too heavy is going to weigh them down or cause tummy aches. It's also a good idea to keep it simple for picky eaters, and to make the snacks somewhat fun - little kids love when they can make a game out of anything - including food!

If this is your first playdate, read below for some great snack ideas:

  1. Cheesy shapes
  2. Take this idea from What to Expect, and include art in your snacks. For example, you can have your little ones cut circles, rectangles, stars and other shapes out of cheese slices before putting them on crackers. This is not only fun and hands-on, but it also gives you an opportunity to teach the kids about shapes. 

  3. Healthy popsicles
  4. During a hot summer playdate, it doesn't get much better than a popsicle. Kids love them, and it's easy to see why. However, most store-bought brands are loaded with preservatives and sugar - not exactly the most nourishing option. Not to worry - you can easily make your own popsicles at home with fresh fruit and yogurt. This way, you can add as much sugar as you want - or none at all. 

  5. Apples and peanut butter
  6. Apples are loaded with soluble fiber, which is great for growing tummies. When you add smooth peanut butter to the mix, your little guests will have a hard time saying no to this healthy, sweet-and-savory snack. 

  7. Veggie dips
  8. Little kids' motor skills are developing rapidly between ages 1 and 3. This might explain why many toddlers love fruit and veggie dips, according to What to Expect. Carrots, cucumbers, zucchini, grape tomatoes and celery can all be dipped into savory yogurt-based ranch and onion dips. This is a lot healthier than chips and can still offer than irresistible crunch. 

  9. Fruit pizza
  10. Kids (and adults, let's be honest) love pizza. However, cheesy and greasy pizza isn't the best daytime meal idea for toddlers. But fruit pizza is a whole other story. She Knows recommends taking some graham crackers, smearing some cream cheese (you can cut this with Greek yogurt for a healthier option) on top, then dotting with fresh fruit. You can then cut them into pizza "slices" and serve. 

  11. Edible play-doh
  12. We've all had to warn kids not to eat store-bought play-doh, but usually these recommendations go unnoticed. However, with edible play-doh, there's no need to worry about your kids eating this toy. This is another great recommendation from She Knows that can get your kids involved with snack making. All you need is 1 cup of flour, 2 cups of rolled oats, and 1 cup of water (you can probably throw in some sugar to taste if you'd like too). Then, stick it in the fridge to cool. Once your kids are done playing with it, you can either refrigerate it for the next playdate or toss it. 

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