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Top Teething Signs from Toddlers


Remember when your little one got her first teeth? Guess what? Teething isn't over! Toddler teething begins when the back molars start to break through the gums. The molars are needed to help chew our food, and because they are dull and rounded, may take longer to finally come through.

Fortunately, this time around your child will be better at communicating her teeth are hurting, and may be soothed with a popsicle when the discomfort or pain hits.

Toddler Teething Timelines

Typically the first molars begin to come through shortly after the first birthday, and can last for six months or longer. Following the first back teeth, the eye teeth (also called the canines) begin to emerge between 16 months and the second birthday. The last toddler teeth to appear are the big molars at the very back of the gums. They usually come in between 22 months and 36 months, but with all teeth, each child is unique.

toddler smiling and showing his growing teeth

Your child will keep her baby teeth for several years and may lose her first tooth around six years old. Her primary teeth will eventually be replaced over the next six years or so with the adult teeth, which -- with proper care -- she'll keep for the rest of her life!

Teething Signs For Toddlers

You may remember some of the symptoms and signs for toddlers who are getting new teeth from the first time around. Your child may feel irritable or even feverish when the back teeth are emerging. Some little ones get hot, flushed cheeks and have difficulty eating. A grumpy mood or naughty behavior may also tip you off to your child feeling "off "due to those back teeth cutting through. Luckily, by the time your child is a toddler you may have more success distracting her when she experiences tooth pain or discomfort.

How Long Does Toddler Teething Last?

While all children develop at different rates, it's common for children to have their twenty milk teeth by age two and a half. Other little ones will still have back teeth coming through on their third birthdays, but teething usually ends around that time.

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