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8 Packing Tips For Traveling With Kids


Traveling with kids can be very tough, so we’ve come up with eight ideas to help you get ready. From what to pack and how to pack it, these are 8 tips you’re going to need.

1. Pack Your Carry-on like an Overnight Bag

an empty luggage carousel at an airport

If you’ve never had an airline lose your luggage, consider yourself lucky. Make sure that everyone has a pair of pajamas and a clean outfit that is appropriate for the weather of your destination in their carry-on bag. Maybe your kids won’t mind sleeping in the same outfit they’ve been wearing for the last 2 days, but you’ll feel better knowing they’re clean.

2. Pack Snacks Safely

a pile of salty snacks

You don’t want to have a huge mess inside of your bag, so portion out small snacks ahead of time. Ziploc snack bags are the perfect size for holding crackers, veggies, chips, or cookies. Put your smaller snack bags into one large freezer bag for easy packing with no fuss.

3. Opt for Rolling Luggage

two people pulling roll luggage in an airport

Though it might be more expensive than a duffle bag or backpack, a small suitcase with wheels will be easier—and more fun—for your kid to carry. Keeping track of your kids and your own bag is hard enough without being stuck carrying your kids’ bags, too.

4. Leave Room for Souvenirs

a girl looking at jewelry at a shop

Just because you can fit four pair of shoes in your suitcase doesn’t mean you should. Leave room in your bag on the way to your destination so that you can fill it up with fun souvenirs to remember your trip.

5. Pack Light, Do Laundry There

a woman doing some laundry at a public laundry

If you’re going away for a week, pack enough clothing for 4 days and do a load of laundry while you’re away. Sure, nobody wants to do laundry when they’re on vacation, but the lighter luggage is totally worth it.

6. Double Bag your Shoes

a pair of sandy shoes on a beach

When packing your shoes, wrap each shoe in two plastic shopping bags. Plastic bags are a great way to protect your clean clothes from your dirty shoes inside your luggage. On the trip home, you’ll have extra bags to put especially dirty clothes in to keep your suitcase liner clean.

7. Never Check In the Essentials

a girl lying underneath a pile of plush toys

Medications, cameras, medical equipment, and electronics should always be packed in your carry-on. Whatever you absolutely can’t make it without should come with you on the plane—that includes Mr. Stuffy, the one-eared rabbit—or whomever your child just can’t live without.

8. Decorate Your Luggage

a range of colored tapes

Duct tape comes in loads of fun patterns and colors these days. Let your kids pick out a roll of tape and have them choose a simple shape or symbol. An “X” is always easy, but let them be creative. Marking all of your luggage in the same way will make finding your luggage easier, and more fun, too.

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