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Toddler Behavior

Watching a child grow between the ages of one and three is amazing for any parent. Within a short time, you witness numerous milestones in physical and cognitive development. All that change comes with challenges, however, and the other side of this experience is dealing with toddler behavior.

Toddlers are famous for throwing temper tantrums, and you'll want to know why your child is sometimes overwhelmed by emotion. During the "terrible twos," a kid has difficulty understanding boundaries and is easily upset. At times, the child's whining and stubborn refusal to cooperate can leave mom and dad frustrated as well.

To get through this tough stage, parents need to strategize for how they will teach the toddler to cope with feelings and be more considerate to others. Otherwise, everything from eating a meal to heading out in the car can be an ordeal. Be a positive role model, offer firm and consistent discipline, and create situations where your toddler can develop skills like sharing.

When you're raising a son or a daughter, the toddler years can get tough. The more you know about the behavioral development of your child, the better you can respond when struggles arise. Whether you're taking your toddler on a trip or just putting him or her to bed, consider the most productive ways to deal with misbehavior.

Find ideas for setting a good example and teaching your toddler to communicate emotions, and explore what works best with your kid. Remember that patience and persistence are key to helping a child make progress.

Your little baby is growing up so fast and is now a toddler! Baby development and growth after a first birthday can often feel like it's progressing at lightning speed. Mom365 is here to help you through the toddler years too.

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