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How to Build a Sleep Routine for your Kid


Everyone struggles to fall asleep sometimes - especially children. Tots may be too excited for the next day's activities, still wired from the last television program they watched or stressed about an upcoming event. There are any number of reasons why kids fight sleep, but it's crucial for parents to develop a way to tuck youngsters in - and make sure they stay there overnight. Let's take a look at how families can create a successful sleep routine for their children:

Reinforce the process

Consistency is key to ensuring the bedtime schedule works every time. Parents should create a series of steps that lead up to the child actually getting into his or her bed: helping with dinner cleanup, brushing teeth, decluttering the bedroom, storytime and more. Sticking to this routine will tire kids out and get them into a routine they can carry over to the future. Stress-relieving activities will give tots less anxiety as they're attempting to fall asleep and when they're getting ready the next morning. Adults can reinforce this process as well by reminding children what step comes next, according to The American Occupational Therapy Association.

"Bath time can be fun and relaxing for kids."

A warm bath will do wonders

After finishing dinner cleanup, it's time to do the same for children. Giving tots a warning - letting them know bath time is in five to 10 minutes - so the step doesn't come as a surprise. A little warm water, some suds and aqua-friendly toys give kids the opportunity to spend the rest of their energy. Parents can also talk with their youngsters about the events of the day or sing songs while their children are in the tub.

Provide a snack

There's a reason moms used to give their children warm milk before bed. A small treat will not only induce sleep but keep kids dreaming peacefully through the night. It's important for these snacks to be nutritious, as they're eaten prior to bedtime, so picking an option that includes both carbohydrates and protein is a smart choice. Although youngsters can enjoy this bite in bed, parents should remember to brush their children's teeth right after.

Play soothing music

A soothing soundtrack played quietly as children prepare for sleep can relax not only their minds, but those of parents as well. Whether it's classical tunes or a simple lullaby, music can help kids transition to bedtime peacefully. It can also drown out other noise that could keep youngsters awake.. Once tots are asleep, families can turn the sounds to a low rumble or completely off for the rest of the night, so children don't get too accustomed to sleeping when a songs is playing.

Getting their children to sleep may be one of the more difficult parental responsibilities adults face - at least for a few years of their kid's lives. Developing a bedtime routine is a smart way for families to ensure tots fall asleep and stay asleep overnight. 

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