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How To Pick A School for Your Child


It's an exciting time when your child is old enough to start school. However, before you send him or her off with a backpack and brown-bagged lunch, you have to find the best educational institution. Here's how to pick a school:

List your requirements

The first thing you and your partner need to do is to consider your must-have characteristics for your child's school. Some parents want to send their kid to private school while others opt for the public school system. Everyone has separate preferences, so it's important you tie down what you want before the hard work. Here are some characteristics to consider:

  • Type of school (public vs. private).
  • Size (enrollment, children in each class, amount of teachers).
  • Distance and location.
  • Cost (financial aid options).
  • Religious, ethnic or gender specifics.
  • Faculty and staff.
  • Athletics and other extracurricular activities.

Do your research

After deciding the important characteristics you want in a school, you can start the research process. Utilize all the resources you have. Surf the Web and check out school websites. Ask around the neighborhood for advice from other parents. Once you narrow down your options, visit the schools individually. Taking a tour of the grounds is the best way to get an inside look to an educational establishment. Meet the principal, teachers and other faculty to see if the school is a good match for you and your family.

Things to remember

School is about learning. So before deciding on an establishment for your child, consider his or her needs. Does your kid need extra help in a certain subject like math? Then it's in everyone's best interest to choose a school with a strong mathematics program. Is your child passionate about sports? Make sure the school you choose offers a wide range of athletics to join. It's easy to get carried away while searching for the perfect school, but try to remember the best option includes all the amenities your child needs, not you or your partner. Prioritize your child's needs, and you're sure to find a good-fitting school the entire family loves. Once you do choose a place, it's important to monitor you child within the first few months. The transition process is never easy regardless if your kid is three or 13 years old. Encourage your kid to share the details of the school day so you stay updated. Check in with teachers to see if your child is adapting to the new environment.

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