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Preschool and Learning


When your little one is old enough to start school, he or she is probably excited about the idea of filling a backpack with supplies, grabbing a lunch box and heading on to learning opportunities! Before you pack that sandwich and apple and send him or her off to school, there's a lot to know!

First, you have to decide between preschool and daycare. What's the difference? If you choose preschool, how do you decide which one your kiddo should attend?

For kids who are a little older, it's important to consider some key factors when you pick a school. Should your child attend public or private school? Which location near you offers the best education and preparation for college? What requirements should you consider when vetting potential schools? Or maybe your family wants to stick together to try homeschooling. If so, where should you start?

Once your child starts attending school, how can you tell if it's the right one? What should you do if your child is having behavior problems at school? How should you teach your child to make the right choices in school

All of this can be overwhelming, so it's important to have good resources to turn to when you have questions. Talk with your neighbors about where their children attend school so you can gain insight into what local educational institutions look like on the inside. Also, talk with friends and family who have kids the same age or older than yours - they've been through this and may offer tips to help your little one thrive.


Your little baby is headed onto their first day of preschool. It is time to set up a new rhythm to follow along with learning the new milestones and behaviors to come with friends, school, and activities.

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