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How To Talk To Kids About Sex


Many adults worry whether they're physically active enough for their age. But should parents also be concerned about their children's health? Since little ones often spend time running around, this may be of little concern. However, there is an appropriate amount of activity for kids ages 4-6 to promote optimum health and well-being. Read on to learn if your kiddos are getting enough exercise.

Should my children workout? 

Being active is very different for children versus adults. Grown-ups typically lace up their tennis shoes and hit the road for a run or head to the gym for fitness classes. Thankfully this isn't necessary for kids. Instead, these tiny people get their exercise through play and regular activities. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggest that kids and adolescents spend at least one hour a day, three days a week partaking in moderate to high intensity physical pursuits. This can mean everything from fast walking while following you around the store to running and biking. The point is to get the limbs moving and the heart rate elevated to burn calories and promote optimal muscle and lung function.

dancing, kids, fun, physical fitnessDancing is a great way for kids to have fun while staying fit.

How can I get my kids to be active?

Most children are naturally predisposed to being active. They run everywhere and are constantly on the go. However, sometimes it's difficult to motivate young kids to be physically fit. In wintertime the weather can make it tricky to get outside, and your whole family may prefer watching Netflix and relaxing to putting on layers and heading out. However, there are tons of fun ways for your entire household to get together and be active. Here are just a few option:

  • Have a dance party! Put on some pop tunes and shimmy around the house. You can even do this while tackling chores, encouraging your kids to think of doing the dishes and sweeping as fun events instead of torturous tasks.
  • Take a class. Your local school, community center or gym likely offers classes for families or kids. These allow your little ones to try yoga, strap on a harness and climb, and even pretend they're in the circus! You may join in or simply watch from the sidelines as your kids have a blast while getting exercise.
  • Play at the park. Most communities offer at least one playground where kiddos can run around together. Pumping their legs on the swings, using the seesaw and climbing the jungle gym are all great ways for your kids to stay active.

Parents who are physically fit and make sure to get moving every day set a great example for their kids. It's often easier and more fun to be active together, so keep that in mind when thinking of ways to encourage your children to get their heart rates up. Playing outside with the dog, strolling around the block, playing hopscotch and jumping on the trampoline all offer fun ways to work out as a family.

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