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What Should I Do If My Kid Refuses To Eat Breakfast?


Around ages 4-6, children begin to really enjoy making decisions about their lives. They also like to question authority, and are constantly asking, "Why?" One issue that many parents face revolves around mealtime. Some kids simply refuse to eat breakfast, making the morning unpleasant for the whole household. Does this sound familiar? Here are some ways to get your children to eat breakfast:

Give them choices

At this age, kids love choices, and parents can use this to their advantage. Let's say one day you make waffles. When your son comes to the table and sees breakfast, he says he won't eat them. He may even love waffles but not want them on this day. Instead of dealing with this situation repeatedly, ask your child what he wants. If you offer an open ended, "What do you want for breakfast?" he may choose something outlandish like ice cream, which is not a real option. Instead, offer several choices. "Do you want waffles or cereal for breakfast?" is a great idea. This way he feels he has a say in the decision and will be excited with eating whatever he chose.

a young child refusing to eat their breakfastSome kids simply refuse to eat breakfast, making the morning unpleasant for the whole household.

Get creative

Another way to encourage your kids to eat breakfast is to be creative with your presentation. Scrambled eggs and bacon may be more appetizing to a 4-year-old if they are arranged to look like a smiley face. Pancakes in the shape of the first letter of their name or even a Mickey Mouse head area also big hits for this age group. Use condiments like ketchup and syrup to your favor by drawing with them, or even letting your kids do the honors. Just make sure the tops are screwed on so there isn't an accidental deluge that ruins breakfast.

Mix it up

Cold cereal with milk gets boring, and eating it day after day can make anyone want to just skip breakfast. To keep your kids coming to the table each morning, try to mix up what you serve. While cereal is OK for those days when everyone is in a rush, consider making more exciting options available too. Fruit with yogurt, eggs and toast and even last night's leftovers can be tasty for a morning meal.

Have a family breakfast

Kids around the kindergarten age spend a lot of time watching and emulating their parents and older members of their household. If you skip breakfast every morning in favor of a cup of coffee, your kids may want to do the same. Since coffee and little kids isn't exactly a healthy match, it's important for you to set a good example and enjoy some breakfast yourself. This is a key meal of the day, after all, as you haven't eaten since yesterday and you need to keep your energy up. Plus, if you're eating the same thing as your kids, you might put more effort into ensuring whatever you dig into is tasty and different on the daily.

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