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10 Super Cool Outdoor Toys for Preschoolers


It's fun to get outside with your preschooler, but unless you have a kid who's just fascinated with bugs, you need some good outdoor toys to keep your little engaged. Great news: there are tons of cool outdoor toys for preschoolers. Here are 10 we think look super fun (for both of you!).

1. Big Dig Ride-On Working Crane

Big Dig Ride-on working Crane


Like the ubiquitous diggers in playground sandboxes, this crane is the real deal: it rotates 360 degrees, it has working arms that kids push and pull to scoop, move, and release, and kids go crazy for it. If you have a spacious sandbox in your backyard, this ride-on crane makes a great addition.

$49 at

2. WOWmazing Bubble Kit

WOWmazing Kit (3-Piece Set)


Preschoolers can be hard to impress – hey they don’t call them threenagers for nothing. The bubbles produced by the WOWmazing Bubble Kit are sure to get their attention. They are huge! Your child might not be able to make these bubbles without help, but she can (and will) be able to chase them across the yard, park, or beach.

$18 at

3. Eightbit Swivel Car Ride On

EIGHTBIT Swivel Car Rolling Ride On Car

These cool wheels put all that preschool energy to fun use. Kids just need to crank the steering wheel back and forth to move the car. With a weight capacity up to 225 pounds, heavy-duty construction, and wheels optimized for both indoor and outdoor use, your little could be swiveling on this toy for a long time.

$80 at

4. Super Spinner Swing

This swing is amazing for a few reasons: one, it doesn’t just go back and forth, it spins too (that explains the name). Two, it can hold a couple of kids at one time. That means double the fun for them and (hopefully) it diminishes the number of fights kids will get into while waiting for their turn. And three, it comes fully assembled and ready to hang, and even includes a tree hanging kit. There’s a reason this swing has a five-star rating in nearly 500 reviews.

$70 at

5. Crayola Special Effects Sidewalk Chalk

Crayola Special Effects Sidewalk Chalk

This is next-level sidewalk chalk. It actually glitters in the sunshine. None of those boring pastel colors for this young  generation! Crayola also offers neon and tie-dye colored chalk in their Special Effects line. They are all rectangular pieces of chalk that easily wash off sidewalks.

$6 at

6. Prextex Fireman Backpack Gun Blaster

Prextex Fireman Backpack Water Gun Blaster with Fire Hat 

If you happen to know a small child obsessed with all things firefighter, make that little one extremely happy by picking up one of these. Fill the pack with water and send your child off to put out fires (or spray his older sibling) using the attached gun. Complete with firefighter helmet, it’s a winner.

$20 at

7. Toysmith Super Sport Easy Catch Ball & Glove

Toysmith Get Outside GO! Super Sport Easy Catch Ball & Glove Set

“Go outside and throw the ball around” is a lot more fun when you can actually catch it. Enter this cute set, which uses Velcro on the glove and ball to help kids be successful fielders. One drawback: The glove is for right-handers only.

$10 at

8. Toy Monster Monkey Bars Tower

Toy Monster Monkey Bars Tower 

If your little’s a climber, give him something other than your furniture to scale. This monkey bars structure fits the bill, providing a not-too-high piece of play equipment for climbing, acrobatics, and creative play. And good news for families who live in swelteringly hot climates: it can be used indoors (provided you have space). Install it in the playroom and your little can get his wiggles out even when you’re staying in.

$220 at

9. Joyin Toy Foam Pogo Jumper

Joyin Toy Foam Pogo Jumper in Easy to Carry Zippered Bag

These foam pogo jumpers have become all the rage in recent years, and they are super fun, inexpensive ways for kids to get their jump on! The Joyin Toy is one of the top rated pogo jumpers on Amazon, and parents report their kiddos love them. Don’t be put off by the squeaking sound the manufacturers so proudly announce as a “feature:” apparently the noise is pretty quiet and not as annoying as you might suspect.

$14 at

10. Pure Fun Rocker Seesaw

Pure Fun Home Playground Equipment: Rocker Seesaw

This seesaw rocker is reportedly a pain to assemble, but well worth it, because kiddos do love playing with it. And since it supports weights up to 75 pounds on each bench, there won’t be the need to take it apart anytime soon.

$100 at

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