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As a parent, you're constantly trying to find way to encourage your child's growth. Whether you have one kid or several, you'll want to know what to expect for your children as they develop and age.

You should understand development milestones, like for kids between ages 4-6. This will allow you to direct your little ones in the right direction so they're ready to enter school and interact with peers. 

It's also a good idea to understand how technology may affect your growing children. You might want to consider limiting their screen time to school-only usage and supervised fun time, for example. Many families have no idea how long kids should spend at the computer or on tablets per day, so check out some guidelines to get a good idea of healthy screen habits.

Along with physical growth, your kids are also developing emotionally. As you watch your kids interact with each other and other people, watch how they act and react. There are age-appropriate responses to everything, like learning to share when someone wants the same toy or dealing with another child who has entered their personal space.

Not hitting key emotional milestones may indicate that your child could use some extra socialization or rule changes at home, or it may indicate a developmental issue that requires a trip to the pediatrician. 

Gaining insight into the behaviors you should expect at each age as your child grows will help you and your kids.


Your little baby is headed onto their first day of preschool. It is time to set up a new rhythm to follow along with learning the new milestones and behaviors to come with friends, school, and activities.

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