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How to Deal with your Kids Separation Anxiety


For many parents, sending their kids to daycare is a big decision. Not only is there a financial cost, it's not uncommon for moms and dads to worry about the emotional toll on themselves and their children. It's helpful for families to know that daycare can be a great place for kids. Here are a few benefits to consider:


When children are young they learn many social cues from their peers. Individuals who do not spend time around others their age will not pick up on the nuances that form friendships or start disagreements. Little ones in daycare spend time near kids of similar ages and learn from them, which can help when they attend regular school. Daycare is a great place to learn sharing and how to start relationships with peers - crucial skills for navigating life at all stages.

Better immune systems

The more kids are exposed to different strains of cold and flu the better their immune systems will get. Kids who don't attend daycare before elementary school are more likely to have to take sick days due to illnesses. Those who are in daycare while they're toddlers are exposed to these sicknesses earlier on and may become immune to them before heading into elementary school. This doesn't mean that you should skip immunizations, however. Most childcare providers require proof of various shots in order to enroll a child in their programs. Check with the daycare administrators to learn what documents you need to provide.

Happier parents

Some people have the means to stay at home and provide childcare to their own kids. This can be an enjoyable and wonderful experience, but not everyone wants to follow this path. Many parents would prefer to return to work within a few months of a child being born. Knowing that he or she is in a safe, high-quality daycare can help parents make peace with their choice to go back to their jobs.

a group of young children playing together at a preschoolKids often love daycare because they have fun there.

More fun!

Daycare isn't just a place where kids go when their parents are working - it's far more fun than that! Children in such programs spend their days assembling puzzles, playing with toys and interacting with friends. They learn during educational activities and may even play outside or partake in music classes. Many kids and adults have fond memories of friends and happenings during their time in daycare.

Early education

Children who attend daycare are learning constantly. They're taking mental notes on other kids' behaviors, as well as how they treat the teachers or daycare leaders. Most of these providers offer educational programming like toys and activities that promote growth and development. Age-appropriate learning is very important for toddlers and those who can't yet attend preschool, and daycare is a great place for it. Many parents choose a daycare based on these opportunities as they would like their children to gain skills and knowledge during their time in the program. Consider this option when selecting a daycare for your little ones.

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