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Teaching Your Child Manners

Manners are extremely important. As a parent, you want to teach your child everything so he or she grows up to be polite and respectful, and this starts when they're young. Here's what you need to know about teaching your child manners... Read More

Should You Ever Spank Your Child?

When they're behaving badly or refusing to listen, kids can be really difficult! Faced with repeated outbursts and misbehavior, a frustrated parent might begin to feel like a gentle swat on the bottom is a completely justified method of discipline. But in today's world, with our myriad of research on child rearing and development all pointing to a distaste of corporal punishment, is it ever justified to spank a child? Read More

Using Positive Discipline

No way around it: All kids misbehave (just like grown-ups have been known to do on occasion!). You could scream, spank, or scold your child into behaving, but those traditional, dictatorial methods are generally not preferred by today's parents (for good reason!). Instead, one modern way to deal with a child's poor behavior is to use positive discipline... Read More

Using Time-Outs Effectively

If you have a preschool-age child, you're undoubtedly familiar with the concept of using time outs when dealing with behavior issues in your kid. After all, the time out is a classic discipline standard of the modern mama. Used correctly, it can be effective in quelling unwanted behavior in toddlers and preschoolers... Read More

When Kids Act Out

Young children need a lot of attention because they cannot care for themselves. As kids grow, they learn to become more self-sufficient and no longer require parental assistance in every aspect of their lives. Children ages 4-6 are typically at the precipice of no longer having their parents' attention 24/7 and must learn how to deal with that shift. Many kids don't like the transition and choose to act out... Read More


Your little baby is headed onto their first day of preschool. It is time to set up a new rhythm to follow along with learning the new milestones and behaviors to come with friends, school, and activities.

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