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8 Weeks Pregnant: 3 Things to Expect


Are you feeling super sick, mama? The good news is morning sickness (which might really be all-day sickness) is generally a good sign! It means your body and baby are proceeding as planned with their pregnancy plans. Check out a few more things that happen during the eighth week of pregnancy.

  1. Looking Cuter
  2. a sonogram of an 8 week old fetus

    With development continuing at a rapid rate, your little one is already starting to look less alien, more baby-like: the backbone tail (yes, there was one!) is almost gone and your little is developing lips, a sweet little nose, and even eyelids. But it's too soon to tell if you're having a boy or a girl via sonogram—the external genitals haven't developed enough yet.

  3. Big as a Bean
  4. a single bean

    Although you can't feel them, your baby is moving his or her arms and legs all the time! The webbing between those tiny fingers and toes is almost gone. For those interested in comparing their baby's size to pantry items, yours is now the size of a kidney bean.

  5. What’s That Smell?
  6. a woman holding her nose

    You've probably noticed that you now have the nose of a bloodhound: that heightened sense of smell is biology's way of keeping you away from anything that might be a threat to the baby on board. There are two other big changes happening, over in boob 1 and boob 2! They're getting heavier and filling out as they start to gear up to produce milk. Expect that you might go up a bra size (or two) before these nine months are over! You might also be experiencing some heartburn, constipation, bloating, or of course nausea. If you're suffering from morning sickness, stick to eating small amounts more frequently, take small sips of hydrating beverages throughout the day, and avoid big meals. And don't worry: Your baby is doing fine even while you're getting sick.

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