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7 Weeks Pregnant: Three Things to Expect


As your baby rapidly develops and your body adjusts to accommodate your pregnancy, you might be feeling super, crazy tired. Unfortunately, that exhaustion isn’t going away any time soon, mama! Here are a few more things to expect as you crawl through pregnancy week seven.

  1. Brainiac on Board
  2. 3 blueberries

    Big news: your embryo doubled in size since last week, and your little one is now the size of a blueberry. Most of that growth is happening in the head and brain, at the rate of 100 brain cells created a minute!

  3. Taking Inventory
  4. a 7 week old embryo

    Also showing significant development this week are the legs and arms, which are starting to segment into their various parts (think shoulders, elbows, hands, knees, and feet). And your little one has started using his or her third and final set of kidneys, and in about a week they'll start producing urine. Your little one also has skin, an appendix, and a pancreas!

  5. Wanted: a Bed and a Bathroom
  6. a pregnant woman sleeping on the sofa

    You're likely feeling pretty tired or even exhausted these days as your body diverts energy to growing your baby. You might also be noticing some food aversions and/or cravings. And is that a bathroom? If you're not already feeling the urge to pee more frequently, you will soon as your blood volume increases, your kidneys continue to process increased fluid, and your uterus continues to expand in size (it's already doubled!) and presses down on your bladder.

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