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40 Weeks Pregnant: 3 Things to Expect


Get ready, momma—you're 40 weeks! You've done everything you could to keep baby safe and healthy these last 9 months, and now you're ready for the big show. We wish you an enjoyable last few days of pregnancy, and an easy labor and delivery. Congratulations!

  1. All Systems Are Go!
  2. While not everyone makes it to 40 weeks, it is the gold standard for baby readiness. At 40 weeks, all of your baby's organs and systems are functioning properly and he's ready for the outside world. Labor can begin at any moment now, so be on the lookout for an increase in frequency and intensity of contractions. The real thing is going to start soon.

  3. You're Really Uncomfortable. Like, REALLY Uncomfortable
  4. For the last couple of months you've noticed that it's more difficult to get comfortable. You also didn't think it could get much worse. It did get worse though, didn't it? The good news is that you're likely only days away from this part of your journey being over. You'll be able to see your feet, walk instead of waddle, and in a few more weeks you'll even be able to wear pants that have buttons. Huzzah!

  5. How Will I Know I'm in Labor?
  6. For some moms it's obvious that labor has begun because her water has broken. Though, that's the exception, not the norm. If you think it could be labor, time your contractions, keep a log, and call your hospital or birthing center to let them know you might be coming in. Also check out our helpful gallery to see what might be going on.

  7. Helpful Tip: Pack Your Bag
  8. If you haven't packed your hospital bag yet, you literally don't have a minute to lose. Make sure you pack loose-fitting, comfortable, and stretchy clothes for the trip home—just because celebrities bounce back immediately doesn't mean that normal people do. For more tips on what to pack, review our list of 10 Hospital Bag Essentials.

3 39 Weeks Pregnant: 3 Things to Expect

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