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39 Weeks Pregnant: 3 Things to Expect


If one more person says, "You're STILL pregnant?" you have our permission to scowl and yell. You're 39 weeks pregnant and have only days more to go. Practice your deep breathing exercises. Make sure your bags are packed, and read below to see what else to expect.

  1. You're Full-Term!
  2. a pregnant woman holding her belly

    At 39 weeks your baby is considered fully baked. Healthy pregnancies can vary in length, but at 39 weeks your baby is not considered early if she decides to arrive. She should weigh about 7 or 8 pounds now, and be about 19 inches long. Of course every baby is different, so that's just an estimate.

  3. Your OB May Do an Internal Exam
  4. a woman lying on a chair at a hospital

    If she didn't check at last week's appointment, your caregiver might ask you to strip down so that she can do a quick pelvic exam. Your doctor or midwife will check to see if you've begun to dilate. Don't be discouraged if you haven't begun to dilate, and if you are dilated, don't get too excited—it isn't uncommon to be dilated 1-2 centimeters for a few weeks before labor begins.

  5. Things Might Start Getting Gross
  6. a pregnant woman holding her hand up to say no

    When your body is prepping for labor, some crazy things can happen. You'll likely begin to notice an increase in vaginal discharge. The mucus plug that has formed as a kind of cork on your cervix will start to come apart. Some women only notice a larger amount of discharge, while others may find a glob about the size of a dried apricot after using the bathroom. As long as there isn't more than a slight tinge of blood in any discharge, it's normal. Gross, but normal.

  7. Helpful Tip: Prepare Now for Breastfeeding
  8. a mom breastfeeding her baby

    If you're planning on breastfeeding, make sure you have your supplies. If you haven't bought a nursing bra yet, go get one now. You'll want to have a nursing bra with you at the hospital. You'll also likely want a nursing pillow. If you're going to invest in a breast pump, call your insurance company to see if breast pumps are covered under durable medical equipment. Not all carriers will cover them, but it's worth asking.

3 38 Weeks Pregnant: 3 Things to Expect
40 Weeks Pregnant: 3 Things to Expect 4

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