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36 Weeks Pregnant: 3 Things to Expect


Congratulations, mom-to-be—you're officially in your 9th month of pregnancy! Your baby has finally developed all of the traits, functions, and size you would expect of the average newborn. Read on to see what to expect this week. You're almost there!

  1. Bye, Lanugo! See ya, Vernix!
  2. a baby embryo

    Your baby is going to start looking a lot more baby-like in the coming weeks. While in the womb, babies are coated in a waxy layer called vernix and have body hair called lanugo. Around this time some of the lanugo and vernix start to come off. Your baby, when taking practice swallows, will ingest amniotic fluid that has both of these substances in it (yum?), resulting in the matter that will become meconium, or, your baby's first poop.

  3. Your Joints Are Getting Loose
  4. a pregnant woman's belly

    Your baby is almost term with only a few more weeks to go. One of the ways that your body prepares itself for delivery is by producing the hormone relaxin, which is what softens your ligaments and allows your pelvis and cervix to widen. It also makes it so that your body doesn't quite feel as tight as it used to. If you feel stabbing or throbbing pain in your pubic area, discuss the issue with your doctor as you may have symphysis pubis dysfunction. Gentle exercises, swimming, or wearing a support belt should help.

  5. Your Baby is Finally Baby-Sized
  6. a close up of a baby's feet

    Your baby has been gaining around an ounce a day lately. Around 36 weeks your baby may hit the 6-pound mark and be around 18 inches long— meaning he's not teeny-tiny anymore. Of course all babies vary in size and birth weight, but this is the first time that your baby is close to being the size of an average newborn and not a preemie.

3 35 Weeks Pregnant: 3 Things to Expect
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