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35 Weeks Pregnant: 3 Things to Expect


You're well into the 3rd trimester, and you're almost done with your 8th month of pregnancy. You've made it to 35 weeks. Now what? Baby is growing bigger (and bigger), and you're more uncomfortable than ever. Read more below to see what to expect!

  1. Group B Strep Testing
  2. This is when you should be tested for Group B Strep. A simple swab of your vaginal and anal areas will determine if you carry the bacteria. It is not a sexually transmitted disease, and it does not mean you are dirty if you test positive—1 in 4 women test positive, so it is incredibly common. Group B Strep usually won't cause any symptoms to you, but during vaginal birth it can cause a potentially life-threatening infection in your newborn. Thankfully a simple course of antibiotics during labor and delivery can keep your baby safe.

  3. Baby is Getting Tall
  4. Your baby has been growing for 35 weeks now and she's getting close to her full newborn length. At about 17 inches she's run out of room. You will probably begin to notice a change in her movements; the amount of kicks and pokes you feel should remain the same, but the twists, turns, and rolls will likely slow down or stop.

  5. Your Baby is Almost Ready!
  6. Most of your baby's development has been somewhat evenly distributed between height, weight, and organ development up to now. Things are starting to get a little snug in there as your baby has reached an almost-newborn length, so now is time to start adding those extra pounds. Starting now your baby will gain weight at a faster rate, adding another 2 to 2 1/2 pounds in the next five weeks.


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