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33 Weeks Pregnant: 3 Things to Expect


Welcome to week 33! You should start keeping track of where you're feeling kicks and punches. It's around 33 weeks that babies begin to settle into a better position for birth. There's always time to flip or flop, so don't worry if your baby hasn't seemed to turn yet. Continue reading below to find out what class you should add to your calendar and what else your baby is up to now.

  1. Immunity!
  2. a diagram showing bacteria

    Your baby's immune system is now fully developed. When she's born she'll acquire important antibodies from you—especially if you are able to breastfeed—that will really get things moving. While it doesn't mean that your baby is going to be immune to bacteria and viruses, her system can now react properly if exposed.

  3. Things Are Looking Down
  4. a image of a baby sitting in a woman's womb

    Right around this time is when babies tend to make the move to a heads down position. Certainly some babies remain breech, or heads up, until later in pregnancy, but on average most babies prefer to be in a downward position now. Being upside down helps blood flow to his growing brain. You can usually tell which way baby is facing by where you feel kicking. If kicks are low (look out, bladder!), baby's head is up. If kicks are high (right in the ribs!) then baby's head is down.

  5. There's a lot of Baby in There
  6. a doctor checking a pregnant woman's sonogram

    Your baby and your uterus have reached a point where room is beginning to run out. Imagine yourself in a swimming pool, then a hot tub, then a kiddie pool, then a bathtub. Baby originally had plenty of room to move around freely in amniotic fluid, but he's now reached a point where there is more of him than fluid inside your uterus. It's only going to get more cramped from here on out.

  7. Helpful Tip: Take a Birthing Class
  8. a model of a baby in a womb

    Now that you're into the third trimester, it's the right time to take a birthing class. Your midwife or OB should have information about local classes, or you can look online to see what's offered in your area. Lamaze, Bradley, and Hypnobirthing are all popular options. Find what sounds like it would work best for you and sign up!

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