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32 Weeks Pregnant: 3 Things to Expect


You're 32 weeks pregnant! Your baby has been working hard at growing big—she's likely around 4 pounds now. She's also sleeping more deeply as her body and brain begin to maintain a more regulated cycle of sleep and wake periods.

  1. Baby is About to Get BIG
  2. a closeup of a newborn baby

    The next two months are all about putting on pounds. So far, your baby has been working hard to develop bodily systems that are functional. Now that everything is mostly ready in that area it's time to start filling out. Your baby's weight will likely double between now and birth. You're being included in this weight gain, too—it's not uncommon to gain about a pound per week in the last months of pregnancy. Sorry!

  3. Dream a Little Dream
  4. a newborn baby sleeping

    Your baby is starting to cycle into deeper levels of sleep around now. Stage 5, more commonly known as REM sleep, is the part of sleep where most people experience dreams. Hopefully baby dreams are never anything but sweet.

  5. You're Likely Feeling Movement Less Often
  6. a pregnant woman checking her phone

    Along with your baby's deeper stages of sleep, she's also sleeping for longer stretches. It's normal for there to be more frequent periods when you feel fewer taps and kicks. There should still be steady and regular movement, though. Keeping a log, or at least a mental tally, of how many active periods your baby has daily is a good idea—if you feel that there has been an alarming change in movements, always contact your midwife or OB to be safe.

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