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31 Weeks Pregnant: 3 Things to Expect


Welcome to your 8th month! You're closer than ever to the finish line, which is good news because you're probably rather uncomfortable now. Your ligaments are looser than ever, and your body is changing rapidly in preparation for birth. Read more to discover who you'll be seeing a lot more of in the coming weeks…

  1. Baby is Beginning to See the Light
  2. a closeup of a pregnant woman's belly

    Your baby's vision is the last sense to develop and mature. When he's born, his ability to see will be limited to what is within a foot of his face. Starting around this time in pregnancy he can finally see and follow lights using his eyes. His irises will also now react to light changes. Parents-to-be sometimes experiment using a flashlight pressed against mom's belly to see if baby will track the movements. If you're feeling adventurous you can try it, too.

  3. Heartburn is Worsening
  4. a pregnant woman suffering from heartburn

    Due to increasing pressure on your stomach and intestines, heartburn and reflux symptoms are now at their worst. The third trimester is the peak time for upper GI upset—you're probably eating more Tums now than you ever have before. Avoiding foods that can cause reflux can be helpful. Soda, citrus, spicy dishes, and chocolate (we're sorry!) are common triggers. Sitting upright for at least an hour after eating can also help to decrease painful reflux symptoms.

  5. You'll Have More Frequent OB Appointments Now
  6. a pregnant woman getting a check up at the doctors

    While every practice tailors their appointment schedule somewhat differently, it's typical that around 31 weeks you will be asked to come in every two weeks instead of every four. Development is about to go into hyperdrive so your doctor will want to keep a closer eye on both of you. While it is uncommon for most pregnancies to have serious complications, it's best to follow all of your doctor's instructions and timetables.​

3 30 Weeks Pregnant: 3 Things to Expect
32 Weeks Pregnant: 3 Things to Expect 4

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