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28 Weeks Pregnant: 3 Things to Expect


You're 28 weeks pregnant—that means you're a week into your 7th month! This week your baby's focus is on her eyes. Pun totally intended. Read on to find out what advancements your baby is making now, and what research you should do this week.

  1. Blink Once for Yes
  2. a young mom holding her baby and kissing it

    This week your baby is working on her blinking skills. When she arrives it will be important that she already knows how to blink; it's a lot brighter in the outside world than anything she's ever seen. Having the ability to shut her eyes in response to lights will protect her delicate newborn eyes.

  3. Blue, Brown, or Hazel?
  4. a baby looking at the camera with his big blue eyes

    Along with baby's newly developed blinking skills, his irises are gaining their pigment now. Of course his eye color is determined by genetics, those genes haven't resulted in a dominant color until now. When he's born his eye color won't look anything like his mature eye color, though. Most blue-eyed babies have dark navy blue eyes at birth, and brown-eyed babies' eyes haven't developed the reds or yellows that will make their eye color distinct

  5. You'll Be Seeing Your OB More Often
  6. a pregnant mom talking to a doctor

    Most OBs prefer to see moms-to-be more regularly as pregnancies become closer to term. You've been seeing your doctor or midwife once a month, but now you'll likely begin seeing her every two weeks. You're at the stage where both your baby and your body will be changing rapidly. Having closer contact with your provider will help discover any issues and make sure that you're coping well with late pregnancy.

  7. Helpful Tip: Order a Cord Blood Banking Kit Now
  8. a newborn baby waking up

    If you're among the growing number of parents who would like to bank your baby's cord blood, you need to order the kit when you're between 28 and 34 weeks pregnant. Most hospitals do not have the proper supplies for cord blood banking as it's not part of the normal routine. Having banked cord blood is thought of as an insurance policy against certain childhood cancers. If you'd like to know more about cord blood banking, WebMD has an informative article.

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