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26 Weeks Pregnant: 3 Things to Expect


You are 26 weeks pregnant! Now is the time to start watching what you say and how you say it—small ears can actively listen now. If you're keeping track of your weight, read more to find out how much you should have gained by now. You may feel like eating an entire box of cookies, but remember you really only need the equivalent of an extra apple per day.

  1. Your Baby Will Likely Survive if Born Now
  2. a baby in the ICU hospital unit

    While giving birth to a baby that has only been developing for 26 weeks is neither ideal nor something to wish for, if born now, your baby has an excellent chance of surviving. The long-term effects of severely premature birth vary, but the facts are, in the US, a baby born at 26 weeks has an 84% chance of making it home after a lengthy, but life-saving, stay in the NICU.

  3. Baby's Hearing is More Sensitive
  4. a baby holding her hand over her ear

    Your little baby's ears are becoming more attuned to the sounds and voices of daily life. At this point in pregnancy your baby can begin to distinguish between and recognize your voice, your partner's voice, and other voices that you are frequently near. If you haven't been talking to your baby already, now is the perfect time to start.

  5. You've Gained 15 Pounds
  6. a pregnant woman weighing herself on some scales

    On average, week 26 is the point in pregnancy where you should have gained 15 pounds. Of course every woman is different, so you may have gained more or less at this point. If you're feeling upset about a rapid gain, do your best to remember that most of what your new weight is retained fluid, increased blood volume, amniotic fluid, placenta, and most importantly, a baby—all of which you will rapidly lose after giving birth. Sticking to a healthy diet is a must, but don't deny yourself the occasional treat. You deserve it.

3 25 Weeks Pregnant: 3 Things to Expect
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