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23 Weeks Pregnant: 3 Things to Expect


You're 23 weeks pregnant, and that's big news. At 23 weeks your baby has reached a new size milestone and is developed enough to have micro-preemie status if born now. It's not good for you to worry too much that something is going to go wrong, but if you worry anyway, relax a bit now knowing that your baby would have a good chance.

  1. Welcome to One!
  2. a woman smiling and holding up a finger

    One pound, that is. Your baby has been growing steadily and has finally reached the point where her weight can be measured in pounds. Along with her new weight gain, she should also be around 12 inches long right now—that's one foot, in case you missed the theme.

  3. Baby's Heartbeat is Getting Louder
  4. a doctor checking a pregnant woman

    Every part of your baby is growing, including his organs. You've been able to hear his heart beating with a Doppler or during an ultrasound, but at the size your baby is now, you should be able to hear his heartbeat by using a stethoscope on your belly. Of course if you're a curvier woman it might take a few weeks more before this works—but it's a fun experiment to try.

  5. You've Entered a New Safety Zone
  6. a doctor checking a premature baby

    It's a difficult topic that nobody wants to think about, but the fact is that sometimes pregnancies don't last 40 weeks. Medical advancements have progressed rapidly regarding the care of premature babies. While doctors will try everything they can to keep your baby inside your womb, if your baby happens to be born at 23 weeks she will qualify as a micro-preemie and have up to a 40% chance of survival. Each week baby stays in the womb increases those odds.

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