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22 Weeks Pregnant: 3 Things to Expect


This week, your baby hits the one pound mark (while you might be feeling like your swollen feet have picked up a few pounds themselves!). As your little one continues to grow, s/he’s looking more like a newborn every day. Baby even has the tiny eyelashes and eyebrows to prove it! Check out three more things to know about during the twenty-second week of pregnancy.

  1. Doll Baby
  2. week 22 fetus

    It's official: your baby now weighs one pound (or very nearly anyway!)! S/he has taken on the appearance of a small doll, complete with eyelashes and eyebrows, opaque (but red and wrinkly) skin, and even some hair up top! One funny thing, that hair doesn't yet have any pigment, so it's bright white!

  3. The News from the Inside
  4. a pregnant woman holding headphones to her belly

    Your baby’s senses are continuing to develop, with touch being the latest. Those tiny eyes, which remain colorless, have formed and are getting better at perceiving light and dark, though they’re not getting too much practice—it’s pretty dark in baby’s current living quarters. It’s also kind of loud, with all of your blood whooshing around and your heart thumping. Baby’s listening to all of it, plus your conversations and the tunes you’re belting out in the shower. So feel free to talk to your little one (and pick a good song!).

  5. Now About Those Feet...
  6. a pregnant woman getting a foot massage

    Your body has 50% more blood now than it did before you became pregnant, and all that extra fluid can mean some swelling, particularly in your feet. Try putting them up whenever you can. Not only might you notice some swelling, but those tootsies of yours have possibly also just grown a half size or more! Thanks to the pregnancy hormone and ligament relaxer relaxin, your feet could have "relaxed' themselves into needing bigger shoes. This is unfortunately one side effect that won't go away post-pregnancy. Keep that in mind if you're headed out shoe shopping: comfort is key, but so is quality, since shoes are one pregnancy wardrobe item you won't necessarily be retiring once the baby arrives.

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