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20 Weeks Pregnant: 3 Things to Expect


Welcome to the halfway point of your pregnancy, mama! How exciting is it to be just 20 or so weeks away from holding your sweet baby in your arms? It might seem like it’s all happening too soon! But your little one still has a lot of growing to do before the big arrival day. Here are just a few things your baby is working on this week.

  1. Banana on Board
  2. a week 20 fetus

    Half way through your pregnancy and your baby is as big as a banana! Mmm, banana. If every mention of food gets you salivating, you're probably right on track with your pregnancy nutrition needs. Aim for small, frequent meals to keep pesky heartburn at bay.

  3. The Next Generation
  4. a baby pushing a pram in a park

    Your baby's not even here yet but already components are being developed for your future grandkids! At this point, baby girls have a fully formed uterus and seven million primitive eggs in their tiny ovaries. Baby boys have testicles, but they are currently housed in the abdomen awaiting the completion of their permanent residence, the scrotum.

  5. To Do List
  6. a mom deciding on baby products in a store

    With your pregnancy officially half way completed, you might want to start tackling some items on your to do list, namely create a baby registry (much easier now if you found out the sex at your anatomy scan), and also start looking into birthing classes if you plan on taking one in your third trimester, because you might need to get on a wait list. There's another thing that tends to have wait lists: daycares. It might seem far off, but if there is a daycare you are hoping to get into, better to check sooner than later about the availability when your little munchkin needs the care.

3 19 Weeks Pregnant: 3 Things to Expect
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