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16 Weeks Pregnant: 3 Things to Expect


If you’ve been excited to feel your baby move, get ready, because it could happen any day! Read on to learn more about what to expect from your sixteenth week of pregnancy.

  1. First Flutters
  2. a 26 week old fetus

    Exciting news: You could feel your baby moving anytime. With your little one now 4-5 inches in length and weighing in at 3-5 ounces, it's possible you’ll experience tiny flutters in your belly as your baby swims around in there. But don't worry if you don't feel anything this week or even the following week. Moms start to feel baby movements anywhere from 16-22 weeks gestation, depending on a few factors like mama's weight and the location of the uterus. It's something to look forward to!

  3. What Did You Say, Mama?
  4. a pregnant woman lying down on pillows

    The other exciting news this week is in the development arena: Your baby has begun forming tiny ear bones, which means he or she can now hear you! There is plenty of evidence to show baby is listening and will recognize mom's voice at birth, so don't feel strange striking up a conversation with your belly! Your little one's eyes are also starting to work—although the eyelids are still sealed, your baby is moving the eyes from side to side and perceiving light.

  5. The Good and the Bad
  6. a woman holding her back in pain

    How's your back, mama? Don't be surprised if it's aching a bit. Many women experience lower back pain during pregnancy from (what else) those pesky pregnancy hormones, hard at work loosening up your ligaments. Those hormones might also be causing the mucous membranes in your nose to swell, which can cause nosebleeds and congestion. And with your uterus expanding and pressing on your intestines, it's possible you're experiencing some constipation. Geez! The good news is, you're likely looking pretty gorgeous these days, with a thick, shiny head of hair, long fingernails, and glowing skin.

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