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14 Weeks Pregnant: 3 Things to Expect


Well, hello, mama! If you had a rough first trimester, you might feel like you’re reemerging into the world as you begin the second, guaranteed-to-be-better, trimester. Read on for three things to expect during this pregnancy week 14.

  1. Growth Story
  2. a lemon

    Since last week, your baby has doubled in weight, to about 1.5 ounces! He or she is now about the size of a lemon. Between baby’s growth and the movement of your uterus from your pelvis to your abdomen, it’s possible you’re starting to show a bit, especially if this is your second pregnancy (moms of more, you likely started showing long ago!). You can’t feel it, but that little lemon of yours is in perpetual motion, making fluid, graceful motions inside your belly.

  3. The Hair's Here
  4. a newborn baby being held up

    Beginning this week your baby will start to develop lanugo, which is a light, fuzzy hair that will appear all over his or her body. It’s designed to keep your babe warm and not to worry, it won’t be around when your little one makes his or her regularly scheduled appearance. It’s a hairy kind of week: your little one is also starting to grow hair on his or her head and also eyebrows!

  5. Second Trimester, Mama!
  6. a woman eating a salad

    Welcome to the most pleasant trimester of pregnancy, mama! Here’s what you're probably doing less off: puking, yawning, and peeing. Instead, you might be engaging in a far more enjoyable activity: eating! Now that you’re finally (hopefully) feeling good, you might be finding yourself with a huge case of the munchies. That’s not a bad thing, but we’re here to remind you that a) you aren’t really eating for two, since baby only needs you to consume 300-400 calories more each day, and b) healthy snacks are best for you and baby. Even if you manage to pass on (most) of the ice cream cravings, expect to put on about four pounds a month from now until the end of your pregnancy.

  7. Tip: Drive Safely, Mama!
  8. a woman sitting in a car

    Car accidents involving pregnant women are most likely during the second trimester, and particularly in the first few weeks of that tri. The Canadian researchers who conducted the study believe the increase in accidents is possibly because women feel most like their normal selves during the second trimester, and so they don’t adapt to the physical and physiological changes happening in their bodies. So take care when you are behind the wheel, ladies!

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