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13 Weeks Pregnant: 3 Things to Expect


Your little one is busy developing fingerprints and has maybe even discovered a soothing way to pass the time--sucking his or her thumb! Read on for a few more things to expect this week. Oh and is it time to start spreading the word about your pregnancy? At the end of this week you’re officially into your second trimester, mama!

  1. Just Peachy
  2. a peach

    Would you believe your tiny baby is now the size of a peach and almost three inches long? At this point your baby might begin to diverge from the standard prenatal growth chart a bit, as little ones begin growing at different rates. Baby’s not the only thing growing: the placenta is weighing in at an ounce now. By the time you deliver, that organ will tip the scales at a pound or two.

  3. The Hands Have It
  4. a pregnant woman holding her hands in the shape of a heart

    Tiny bones forming in your baby’s arms enable him or her to move those little appendages, and for some wee ones that means the start of thumb sucking! And on those tiny thumbs? Believe it or not, there are little fingerprints forming! In other development news, babies begin developing vocal chords this week, and they also take delivery of their intestines into their abdomen (this essential part was previously developing while squatting in the umbilical cord!).

  5. Time to Spread the Word?
  6. a 13 week fetus

    Hopefully, you’re starting to feel a bit better and more like yourself, albeit it’s a version with swollen and sore breasts and a burgeoning belly. And here’s some great news: Your chances of a miscarriage are significantly less after the completion of the first trimester. If you haven’t started spreading the word about your baby on board, you might want to start sharing your secret soon. (Or you could just wait and let your belly do the talking, but sometimes that’s a little awkward.)

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