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12 Weeks Pregnant: 3 Things to Expect


The first trimester is nearly over, hooray! Hopefully you’re starting to feel better, mama. With all parts in place, your little one is ready to focus on growing. Here are three things to expect during this twelveth week of pregnancy.

  1. Get Ready to Grow!
  2. a sonogram of a 12 week fetus

    Your little one's already been putting on weight—s/he's tipping the scales at a half ounce this week and as big as a plum!—but the big gain is really kicking off in the next week or so. Since all major body parts and systems are in place, now begins the stage of rapid growth and maturation. Growing starts in earnest now and continues for the next 28 weeks!

  3. First Responder
  4. a pregnant woman holding her belly

    Here's a fun fact: your baby is starting to develop reflexes, which means that if you’re able to gently nudge your little one, s/he'll move! Your little one is also now practicing opening and closing those tiny fingers, and trying out moving those sweet little toes!

  5. Almost Done with One!
  6. a woman looking stressed

    Just two more weeks and you will be officially into your second trimester, hooray! You might be feeling a little less emotional and less nauseous as your hormones start to calm down a little. Instead, you might be experiencing more headaches and dizziness, caused in part because your body is busy running blood to your baby, but slow in returning it to you. Try to eat small regular meals to keep blood sugar stable and help with dizziness. You might also be noticing an uptick in vaginal discharge. Not to worry, it's there to protect against infection.

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