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9 Weeks Pregnant: Week by Week Pregnancy

Symptoms, Tips and Fetal Development


Lots of changes are in store for you when you're pregnant at nine weeks. Learn about the symptoms at nine weeks pregnant.

Your Symptoms at Nine Weeks Pregnant

Although it's one of the rarer symptoms at nine weeks pregnant, some women experience bleeding early in their pregnancies. If you're bleeding or spotting at any point in your pregnancy, you should contact your doctor or midwife. It could be nothing to worry about, but it could also be an early sign of ectopic pregnancy or a miscarriage.

When you're pregnant at nine weeks, you may have noticed that your breasts have increased in size. Some women find that their old bras no longer fit, so if your bras are not comfortable, make sure to get measured for the proper size. Additionally, you may notice that your breasts' appearance is different too—some women notice thread-like veins and darker nipples.

A less common symptom at nine weeks pregnant is pica. This is a craving for non-foods, such as chalk, coal or soap. Pica can be a sign of a nutrient deficit so instead of turning to the bathroom soap, talk to your doctor about adding supplements to your diet.

human fetus at 9 weeks

It's also not uncommon for women to have headaches or even migraines throughout early pregnancy. The changing hormone levels in your body usually cause these headaches.

Your Baby at Nine Weeks

When you're pregnant at nine weeks, your baby's digestive system and diaphragm are starting to develop, which will allow him to hiccup and breathe.

His head has just started to lift off his chest and if you had an ultrasound at nine weeks pregnant, you would be able to see some facial features. However, the eyes will be closed (and they'll remain that way until 26 weeks).

Although your baby's hands are small, you can see them on an ultrasound. Changes are also happening to your baby's fingers and toes. They're getting longer, however they’re still fused together.

What to Consider When You're Nine Weeks Pregnant

When you're pregnant at nine weeks, it's a good time to start inquiring about the types of diagnostic tests that are available to you. If you don't understand what each test is used for, talk to your healthcare provider to learn more about these tests.

It's easy to develop a urinary tract infection when you're pregnant at nine weeks because of the high levels of progesterone found in your body. If you notice the signs of an infection, talk to your doctor right away so he or she can prescribe some antibiotics that are safe to use during pregnancy.

It's also important to make sure that your workplace is a safe one for your growing baby. If you work with any chemicals or in an environment that you're worried about, bring up your concerns with your healthcare provider.

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