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6 Weeks Pregnant: Week by Week Pregnancy

Symptoms, Tips and Fetal Development


Many symptoms at six weeks pregnant revolve around food -- what you like to eat, what you don't like to eat and what you can't eat -- but nutrition is more critical than ever.

Your Baby at Six Weeks

Your future bundle of joy has reached the size of a pea when you are six weeks pregnant and has begun to form small buds that will develop into arms and legs over the coming weeks. He or she will also have tiny eye sprouts and a beating heart. In fact, it is when you are pregnant at six weeks that you may first hear your child's heartbeat on an ultrasound. Although only about a quarter of an inch long, the baby will double in size by the end of week seven.

Your Body at Six Weeks

Although a small number of women may have already experienced morning sickness, the majority of women with frequent nausea develop food related symptoms at six weeks pregnant or later. One expectant mother may be so nauseated she has trouble keeping food down throughout the day while another may feel queasy for only a few hours each morning. You may also discover that you have strange cravings for specific foods. This is sometimes your body's way of telling you that you need particular nutrients. If you develop an aversion to some of your favorite foods when you are six weeks pregnant or more, don't worry. This is a temporary situation that will pass in most cases as you enter your third trimester.

What to Consider When You're Six Weeks Pregnant

If you haven't yet had your first prenatal appointment, now is the time. Be sure to bring a list of any questions you have and talk frankly about your symptoms at six weeks pregnant, as the doctor may give you suggestions for minimizing your discomfort. Stop cleaning cat litter, which could lead to a dangerous disease called toxoplasmosis, and eat only safe, nutritious foods. Raw fish such as sushi and alcoholic beverages should be avoided when you are pregnant. (Read a recent study about alcohol and pregnancy here.)

human embryo at 6 weeks

Your body will continue to go through tremendous changes as the weeks progress and you'll soon begin showing the "baby bump" that new mothers like you are so proud to show off. Take care of yourself during the next several months so that when your baby arrives, you'll be able to properly care for him or her.

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